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Good. Better. Quest. is a feel-good podcast featuring a grown-ass D20 roleplaying adventure starring 5 IRL friends who live too far away to share a tabletop. Come join us, and listen as our Fungeon Master unravels the fates of four freshmen dungeoneers at the Adventuring College of Feyrune. Hear the tale of our plucky heroes--Siggy, Tak, Damakos, and Durak--and discover a tale of daring-do. Seriously, it's a show about make-believe for the whole family, if your family swears a lot. So gather round and bring the kids--we're pretty sure you're gonna love it.


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  • The Fungeon Master - David Hallman

  • Durak, the Half-Orc Barbarian - Doug Holley

  • Siggy, the Gnome Tinkerer - David Hallman

  • Cash Black, Half-Elf Bard - Cate Keys

  • Yardy Dribblejaw, Tabaxi Gunslinger - Nolan Lacy

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