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Meet the Builders

Meet the Builders


Cate Keys

Cate is a finance wizard by day and transforms back into a game toad at night. Despite what David says, they single-handedly started the shaved head trend on Final Plank. We're not sure who let them in, but they handle our spreadsheets and know how to roll dice so we let them stay.

Nolan Lacy

Nolan is a founding member of Final Plank. He works at [redacted] and enjoys [classified] and really wants you to know [removed due to appropriate nature]


Tyler is the fresh face of Final Plank, rookie historian by day and trucker by night. He loves his random trivia, spooky games, and a cold Hershey Yuengling if he can sneak it over the state line. Bard in the streets, cleric in the sheets! Wait a minute…

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Brent Lacy

Brent has been with Final Plank Media for over fifteen years and hopes you'll remember to be kind, please rewind.

David Hallman

David is a slinger of beer, mead, stories, and jokes that were on Prairie Home Companion 10 years ago. He's been obsessed with the fantasy and sci-fi genres since he was young and seems to have finally found a way to use that "knowledge" through our podcasts. 

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